Flooring Removal Contractors Virginia Beach

Flooring Removal Contractors Virginia Beach

Concrete Floor Prep offers full-service flooring demolition service. We can remove any floor covering any concrete substrate. Concrete Floor Prep utilizes all the most advanced machinery available on the market today to accomplish this via ride on floor scrapers, diamond grinding machines and shot blasting. We find that waterproofing contractors and commercial flooring contractors find our services of the most benefit, by allowing them to get a fixed cost to remove the surface covering / coating allowing them to bring their project in on or under budget.

Floor Demolition Services

Ride on floor scrapers are typically used to remove ceramic tile, VCT, glue down carpet, glue, thick adhesives, rubberized waterproofing membranes, and even some industrial coatings. Thin set left over from the tile removal can be hit or miss on removing depending on if the tile was installed properly. Ride on floor machines typically “pop” the tile free of the thin set thereby leaving the thin set stuck to the floor. If the thin-set is well bonded to the substrate there are 2 ways it can be removed. The most effective way to remove thin set is diamond grinding the other is using chipping hammers with 6″ scraper blades, either way, it can be one of the most difficult products to remove.  Concrete Floor Prep uses both battery operated and propane ride on floor scrapers, allowing us to work anywhere anytime.

Concrete Surface Prep

There is an overwhelming number of functional concrete surface prep applications to help you with all your Residential, Commercial and Industrial needs such as concrete grinding, shot blasting, glue removal, scarification, and concrete floor surface preparation.

We also provide information to other concrete surface applications for stained concrete, stamped concrete, concrete overlays, concrete resurfacing, concrete curbing and concrete countertopsConcrete Floor Prep provides concrete surface preparation and repair services as a stand-alone service. Our concrete polishing works well for industrial applications, creating a smoother and more level floor surface that reduces driver fatigue, wear and tear on the forklift and tires as well as minimizing load shift. In addition, we also fill cracks and joints found in concrete slabs and remove excess material to produce a smooth joint.

Whether it`s an expansion joint or random dynamic cracking, most facilities require the maintenance and filling of these joints. In most cases, these concrete joints serve to isolate the propensity of concrete to crack or at a minimum attempt to direct where cracking should occur. Sometimes despite all of mans best design efforts concrete will crack anyway. The use of the space dictates the proper way to address these joints as well as which products will work best for filling them. Some joint fillers are designed for flexibility where concrete is known to be moving. Some fillers are designed to provide some movement yet also allow for load transfer from one section of concrete to another. Some materials are heat resistant, some resistant to chemical exposure and yet others designed for quick curing and minimal downtime. Don’t underestimate the function of the concrete joints in your facility as consideration should be given for their proper use and a trained professional to outline the proper repair guidelines to best suit your specific needs. Joints left untreated can eventually lead to concrete degradation around these joints, foundational undermining, critter intrusion, chemical exposure leading to concrete erosion, the buildup of debris in joints, etc.

We most often provide concrete surfaces with a thin, concrete sealer that can be placed over the bare concrete, whether the surface is to be prepared or not. From traffic aisles to machine shops and aircraft runways, our concrete surface prep and repair work has successfully assisted diverse industries. Providing quality service and a short turnaround, our concrete surface prep and repair services guarantee just-in-time, professional results!

Concrete Floor Prep services Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Suffolk and all of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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